Why My Car Speakers Are Distorting At High Volume

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Good music gives peace to your soul and mind and with a high-quality car sound system, your car trips could be transformed into mini-concerts. However, you may have experienced extreme sound distortion plus low-quality music playing when you turned the volume up on the car stereo. 

You must be thinking, why my car speakers are distorting at high volume? There are two primary reasons for loudspeaker distortion at high volumes. The most likely would be that your audio source is distorted in and of itself. Speakers could also create distorted sound if the drivers are forced beyond the limits of their specified motion and in such cases, they react non-linearly.

In this blog, we will explain why car speakers distort at high volume and what can you do in such a situation.

Reasons Why Car Speakers Distort At High Volume

The following are some common reasons why car stereos create distorted sounds when you turn the volume up:

The car audio system has no amplifier

Although audio systems can function without an amplifier you can’t expect to achieve the same level of audio quality.

Amplifiers are designed to provide high-quality sound without any distortions. And the lack of an amplifier in your car stereo system can be the reason for distortion at high volumes. 

Defective speakers

You may not have to search far to find the source of your stereo’s sound distortion, since it might be caused by defective or malfunctioning speakers or subwoofers.

When a speaker malfunctions, it can no longer produce the appropriate audio quality, which results in distortion.

At lower or moderate volumes, this distortion could go unnoticed, but when the music is turned up, it usually stands out louder.

The speaker is being overpowered by the signal

Incompatible speakers and strong amplifier combinations might cause the car stereo to distort at higher volumes.

Powerful sound signals out of an amplifier could damage the weak speaker’s voice coil, which can result to sound distortion. This can happen when a speaker is overloaded with powerful signals.

Setting car amplifier controls at improper levels

An amplifier’s boost and gain controls are designed to improve and enhance input signals.

However, if you set them at levels on which your speakers or subwoofers are unable to handle, either too high or just too low, it might distort the sound or even irreparable damage to your speakers.

What Should You Do If Your Car Speaker Produces Distorted Sound?

Now that you know various reasons why your car stereo system isn’t performing effectively at high volumes, let’s look at what you may do in such a situation.

Should you fully replace your car stereo system and purchase a new one, or should you simply tinker with your car stereo system in the expectation that you will finally get it perfect?

Although the above-mentioned steps may be useful in certain circumstances – with more finesse there is much more you can do to repair a malfunctioning car stereo system. Below we’ve highlighted a few of these measures.

Invest in new car speakers

As was previously mentioned, malfunctioning speakers may be responsible for sound distortion produced by your car audio system at higher volumes.

And this is simply fixed by purchasing brand-new, higher-quality speakers. Amazon has a huge selection of car speakers in the following category that are both affordable and of high quality:

Invest in an amplifier

If your car stereo system creates distorted sound when you turn the volume up, you should also think about getting an amplifier for your car stereo system or replacing the one that’s currently there with a more effective one.

Of course, installing an amplifier into your car stereo system may become challenging for the ordinary driver; in such a situation, a professional’s services will be necessary.

Set amplifier controls at the proper level

If you want to tinker with systems, you can reduce distortion coming from your car speakers by adjusting gain controls.

First of all, setting gain controls to their maximum levels to make music louder should not be performed without correct instruction as it merely increases distortion.

Generally, you can get high-quality audio from the car stereo by turning up the volume approximately three-quarter turn while also adjusting the amplifier gain controls until the distortion is either minimised or completely removed.

Avoid extreme bass-boosted car music

Most people appreciate the deep, comforting voices of skilled bass singers of all time and could do anything to enjoy their songs while driving.

Unfortunately, it has resulted in the creation of poor, bass-boosted car music distorting speakers when the volume is turned up. When this type of music is played via amplifiers that can pick up even the smallest details, it gets much worse.

Therefore, only play authentic CDs and music files on the car stereo. You will not require a bass-boosting if you pair a good amplifier with it to hear your favourite artists’ deep vocals!


Although distortion doesn’t really affect your car stereo system physically and is instead an indication of an underlying issue, it may still be annoying when you can’t enjoy your favourite artist’s flawless and smooth voice.

However, it’s crucial to identify why your car speakers are distorting when you turn the volume high and come up with a long-lasting solution for this issue.

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