Why My Car Stereo Keeps Blowing Fuses? 3 Immediate Fixes

The main causes of the problem “why my Car Stereo keeps blowing fuses” can be your fuse doesn’t have the correct amperage rating, and the wires short cuts or the stereo faces internal damage. Don’t worry; it can be fixed easily by making use of the correct fuse or replacing the correct wires. Here, we will show you why often the stereo blows the fuses and the best ways to fix it.

All about the Car Stereo Fuse and Its Working Procedure

Before knowing why the car stereo blows the fuses, we are going to understand what a fuse is and how it works. It will be helpful for us to know why the fuse is blown in the car stereo.

One car stereo fuse is made and works the same as any other fuse. This electrical safety device provides over current protection in order to protect the electrical circuit.

A fuse is based around a metal wire or strip as a significant component, which melts too much current passes through it. When it melts, the current flow will be disturbed. A fuse is made to cut the circuit and save electric gadgets, which can’t withstand too much current.

Always keep in mind that a fuse is designed to be replaced and broken (it means that a fuse is considered a sacrificial gadget.

The fuses can be pretty costly, but replacing a fuse will be much cheaper than a high-end electronic device such as the car stereo.

A lot of different fuse designs have particular voltages and currents, breaking capacities, and response time on the basis of their application.

Why Does A Fuse Blow?

Generally, a fuse blows when much current passes through it. For the major electrical components of your car, a fuse acts as a pawn. A fuse burns or melts if too much current passes through it to keep you safe from significant damage to the car’s other components and protects you from possible fires.

You may be annoyed to know that the car stereos frequently blow the fuses. It can also give you some comfort in realizing that you are not alone.

There are several reasons that prevail when the stereo blows the fuses repeatedly. However, here we will discuss two major reasons.

  • You might use a fuse that doesn’t meet the fuse requirements of your car. It means that the fuse may have an incorrect amperage rating. Moreover, on the other hand, you might have placed the fuse wrong.
  • You have to change the wires and make use of the best ones. Occasionally, the wires can be damaged (eventual cuts or fray). So you have to use the strong cables, which are capable of handling the current generated by the car.

Always Use the Appropriate Fuse

You are in a hurry and skip several steps while replacing the fuse, like reading the manual of your car owner. In addition, you might also have decided to make use of any fuse that you find first. After that, you forget to replace them with the best ones and keep using that unsuitable fuse. You can easily determine if you are repeatedly using the wrong fuse by checking the manual of your owner and comparing the old fuse to the required manual fuse.

Earlier, to resolve this issue, you have to check the manual of your car. The best way to know the car stereo fuse info section is to flip over to the manual’s index. After that, you have to look for the fuses and find the car stereo.

You will find the section full of the required info about the fuses of your car stereo, which consists of the fuse specifications and diagrams. The diagrams will help you with the fuse placement and labels, though the fuse specifications indicate your fuses’ ampere.

Usually, you will find the desired amperage rating for all the fuses, which are previously indicated on the fuses themselves by the numbers written on the top.

The particular ampere indicates that this is not the maximum power the fuse is capable of handling before getting damaged. Therefore, the car stereo will blow a fuse repeatedly due to the wrong amperage, so you should replace it with the appropriate one.

Higher Amperage Rating

Though, you have to keep in mind that it will not be good getting a higher amperage rating than the current fuse in case you are tempted to do so. Moreover, if you choose the maximum amperage rating required for the fuse of the stereo, you will weaken the link of the circuit to protect other electrical gadgets of the car.

This solution will also work with the replacement of the faulty fuses. You will be able to set the correct fuses at the right place by making use of the manual guide. Occasionally, the car stereo blows a fuse due to the wrong placement of the fuse.

Replace the Wiring of Your Car

This may come as a surprise to you; however, sometimes, instead of the fuse or stereo, the wiring of the car can also be at fault. The fraying wire insulation can be the most common reason why the wiring of the car stereo repeatedly blows its fuse.

The fuse will blow when the exposed part of the frayed wire gets touched by the ground surface or metal frame of the car. Generally, you will see that this issue will not be resolved unless you do something in order to prevent the wire from touching the metal frame or ground surface.

By observing the wires physically, you will be able to recognize the issue. While doing it, you have to pay a keen focus on the drilled wire holes and more areas under the constant motion as well as exposure like the engine compartment, doors, moving panels, and the trunk components.

Bottom Line

There can be three major factors that may cause blowing a fuse;

  • The fuse has a wrong amperage rating,
  • The insulation of the wires needs repairing, and
  • The stereo has internal damage.

You have to recognize the appropriate fuses for the car stereo and get it for the 1st problem. After that, you have to change the blown fuse and use a new one, and the issue should be solved. And the 2nd and the 3rd problems can be solved by replacing or repairing the inappropriate components.

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