How to Install a Powered Subwoofer to A Factory Stereo?

Poor sound quality may completely spoil your mood and make you irritated for no apparent reason. Music is a lovely kind of art, and you don’t want to destroy it by not having a good sound system, so you should learn how to install a powered subwoofer in a factory stereo.

Putting a subwoofer with a factory stereo is a great way to improve the sound quality while keeping the original settings. The sophisticated gadgets can create low-frequency bass and sub-bass noises. Fortunately, wiring one into an existing car sound system is rather straightforward.

It’s worth noting that Subwoofer may be rather power hungry. So, as a solid power supply, remember to connect the gadget to your car battery. Complete the wiring after connecting it to an amplifier, and you should be well on your way to enjoying flawless music quality via your car audio speakers.

Before we discuss how to install a powered subwoofer to a factory stereo, you must first choose a suitable location for your powered subwoofer. It may be installed in the trunk or beneath the seat.

Tools required:

  • Screwdriver machine
  • Drill machine
  • Drill sets
  • Wiring Kit
  • Wire crimps
  • Allen wrench set
  • Tape for wires
  • screws (all sizes)
  • Side-post adapter for battery

How To Install a Powered Subwoofer to a Factory Stereo – Steps

Select a Speaker and an Amplifier

Before a speaker or amplifier goes out or heats up, it can only function at full power for roughly a minute. The RMS rating of your subwoofers should be taken into account rather than the peak rating.

The Vehicle’s Battery Should Be Removed

The most critical duty you’ll have to complete is this one. It is, after all, about your safety. If you overlook this problem, nothing will operate correctly.

Disconnect the speaker’s cables

Unhook the cables from their appropriate ports or terminals after disconnecting and turning off your vehicle’s primary power supply.

Determine The Relevant Links

Connect the LFE jack on the receiver to the output port on the subwoofer box. Use the supplied hole to attach the jack to the port. Look for any linkages that could be crucial to this connection procedure once you’ve established all of the output ports.

Run Wires

Begin by plugging in the battery. Run most of the power wire through the firewall hole, leaving enough for the battery to reach. Remove the insulator from the end of the wire where the battery is installed. Look for a crack in the vehicle’s firewall.

Run the remaining wire beneath the vehicle’s carpeting or, if one exists, through a wire channel. This wire must be sent to the trunk. The in-line fuse should then be connected to this terminal.

Reinforce The Connections

Next is to tighten the connections by connecting the subwoofer’s negative wires, whose source is the sub box, to the left speaker (-). Connect positive wires to the (+) speaker on the left.

Plug-In the Battery Power and Connect the Speaker Cord

Attach a speaker cord to the Subwoofer with caution now. Finally, reconnect the power wire that was previously disconnected. You should now have the signal from your OEM stereo.

What Is the Best Way to Install a Powered Subwoofer in A Factory Stereo?

Remove The Battery

Installing a powered subwoofer in your automobile begins with this step. Make sure your car is switched off, and the keys are removed. This isn’t enough; you must also unplug the battery to prevent a short circuit or harm.

It’s as simple as opening your car’s hood and looking for the battery. From there, carefully choose the black-colored negative charged battery cable. You may now proceed with installing your automobile subwoofer after separating this black cable.

Examine The Factory-Installed Car Stereo Wires

Look for wires and ports on the car radio. With the vehicle stereo, you’ll need to connect subwoofer cords. Examine the red-colored wire; it must be connected to the battery. To avoid wire damage and a short circuit, make sure it doesn’t touch the hot portions of the automobile.

You’ll need extra wiring and a power cord if you’re placing a subwoofer in the trunk.

Check RCA Cables

Now, this is critical: look for RCA cables in your car audio and remove the outputs and the power cord. Reconnect the cords and restore the factory-installed vehicle audio at this point. Check for power in the vehicle radio and subwoofers; your car stereo is ready; now, we must work on the subwoofer.

You’ll need to select a suitable location for your subwoofer. To perform correctly, a subwoofer requires room and air, so choose a good location within your vehicle.

Connecting The Powered Subwoofer with Power Cables

You’ll need to connect power cords to your subwoofer at this point, and you may need an extra power connection if you’re positioning the subwoofer away from the car audio. Secure both ends of the power cord and properly connect it to your subwoofer. The power wire should be routed beneath the car carpet and taped or glued. All the wires have been connected at the vehicle stereo end, and now it’s time to connect the ground wire.

Ground Wire Set-Up

It’s simple to set up a ground wire if you follow these procedures. The ground wire can connect your car’s chassis or any other adjacent component. Connecting a powered subwoofer to a stock stereo requires this step.

It would help if you double-checked that the wire is firmly secured using a bolt. The ground wire must be connected to a bare metallic portion of your vehicle to operate effectively. Remove any paint or plastic present before securing the ground wire. After you’ve connected the ground wire, it’s time to install the subwoofer and double-check your connections.

Now that you’ve correctly installed a powered subwoofer with a factory car system let’s verify the connections. Before switching the subwoofer on and car audio, double-check all of the wiring.

Examine the amplifier and car stereo settings. I’m confident you now know the solution to today’s inquiry of how to Install a Powered Subwoofer into a Factory Stereo.

What Is the Best Way to Add a Subwoofer to a Stock Stereo?

  • Converter (High-Low): It’s just a little converter with RCA inputs that connect to your speaker cables. The biggest issue is that your subwoofers will not produce real sound quality.
  • Converter For Line-Out: A line-out converter works similarly to a hi-low converter, although on a bigger scale. You’ll get amazing sound while keeping your current stereo and controls.


Installing a subwoofer might be the best answer if you already have a solid touchscreen from the factory but want to increase your automobile audio experience. You’ll need to understand how to connect a subwoofer to a stock radio to do so. I hope this article helped teach you the basics of the method.

It might not be easy to figure out how to connect a powered subwoofer to a stock stereo. The only way to do it correctly is to take each of the steps above one at a time. If you’re still unsure about installing your subwoofer, don’t be afraid to call a professional and watch as they follow the instructions outlined above.

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