How To Get More Mid Bass Out Of Your Car Door Speakers

Having a high-quality stereo system in your car is crucial if you travel a lot in the car. Few audiophiles discuss the mid-bass frequency range, while others do not give it a second thought. However, the midbass frequency range is vital, and the right speakers, as well as set up, can take your car stereo system to new levels. But how to get more midbass out of your car door speakers? Keep reading to find all your answers.

What Is the Mid Bass Frequency?

The midbass range encompasses frequencies between 200Hz – 500Hz. It is among the most important frequency ranges since several essential instruments, including the voice, cello, viola, guitar, and brass instruments, work within this frequency range.

Mid Bass Speakers: What Are They?

mid bass speakers

The purpose of midbass speakers, also known as mid-bass woofers, is to highlight a particular frequency range that is between 200Hz – 500Hz (commonly referred to as a high-bass frequency).

Using mid-bass speakers would give the sound increased depth because a traditional car stereo system just has tweeters, a subwoofer, and midrange speakers.

The frequency range that midrange speakers are intended to provide is 500Hz – 4kHz, while subwoofers are made to operate between 20Hz – 200Hz in terms of frequency.

Some people choose to use midrange woofers and subwoofers in order to obtain a result in which the midbass gets blended between midrange woofers and subwoofers. However, if they aren’t set up properly, they spread out while also becoming muffled and thin.

Midbass speakers were designed to solve this problem by handling frequencies that are very high for subwoofers and very low for midrange speakers.

How Do I Get More Mid Bass From My Car Door Speakers?

As you most likely know, speakers are made to project a certain frequency range, and sometimes they even have crossovers built right into them specifically for this purpose.

Typically, door speakers are midrange woofers, which means they can produce frequencies between 500Hz – 4kHz.

Although certain mid-range speakers could produce frequencies between 100Hz – 18kHz, these speakers perform best between midrange frequencies and not frequencies lower or higher than that.

Following are several ways to improve the mid-bass in your car midrange (door) speakers:

Connect Speakers to an Amplifier with a Crossover for Mid Bass Frequencies

When you connect speakers with an amplifier that has a crossover, it ensures that your car door speakers are receiving those midbass frequencies.

Set the Equaliser

An equalizer could be used to visualize and adjust the audio frequency range which you’re hearing. It features individual or a combination of frequency ranges or minimum 3 settings (mid, bass, treble). You will tweak the bass frequency bands and increase their level making them louder.

Sound Deaden Car Door

To simulate an enclosure, cover a metal car door panel with sound-dampening foam or rubber. This will increase the dynamism of the mid-bass frequencies emanating from the speakers.

Install Car Door Speakers in a Speaker Baffle

Adding more foam around your car door speakers increases the intensity of the speaker’s sound while also reducing the likelihood of any door shaking impact.

At last, you can also consider investing in a set of mid-bass car door speakers that can handle a wide frequency range. As a result, they would be capable of producing bass frequencies more effectively as compared to midrange speakers, and when used in combination with the last two suggestions we provided above, you are likely to be successful in obtaining a bass response that is reasonably decent.

How Many Mid-Bass Speakers Should I Install in My Car?

In general, you just have to install 2 mid-bass speakers in combination with a subwoofer, midrange speakers, and tweeters to produce high-quality midbass.

For the best results, you should always install 2 speakers on each side (right and left), preferably in the car’s front doors. Therefore, for improved overall audio quality in your car, you won’t need to have more than 2 midbass speakers.

Which Mid Bass Car Speakers Are the Best?

Skar Audio FSX65

Skar Audio FSX65 Speakers

The Skar Audio FSX65 is one of the finest midbass speakers available on amazon. To produce a perfectly balanced sound, they feature outstanding mid/bass drivers and exceptional output handling.

This little 6.5-inch mid-woofer featuring 150 Watts RMS (300 Watts Max) power commences operation at merely 100Hz. It strikes the perfect balance of playing deeper music notes on woofers since it goes very low.

These speakers have a sturdy design and are composed of premium materials to withstand heavy use. Their 1.5′′ voice coils (ferrite magnet)  also enable large cone movements to produce extra push effects.

Earthquake Sound SWS-6.5X

 Earthquake Sound SWS-6.5X Speaker

It is the only speaker that can be fitted in a car door with a little or limited depth, although it isn’t as powerful as the Skar audio mid-woofer.  Earthquake Sound SWS-6.5X‘s depth below two inches (1-3/4) makes it ideal for fitting into limited spaces.

With a frequency response that ranges from 39Hz – 1,000Hz, it achieves an amazing feat considering its small size. It significantly improves any car stereo system with 100 Watts RMS (200 Watts Max).


If you want to enjoy your drive with the best music experience and don’t want a mid-bass frequency gap, you can buy speakers intended to handle this frequency spectrum in addition to typical midrange speakers and subwoofers. You can also use the ways listed in the article to get more mid-bass from your car door speakers.

Now that you are completely informed regarding midbass frequency and the appropriate speakers, you can buy them from the Amazon online store at the best and most affordable prices.  

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