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Having the speaker wire is not only a problem; it can also damage the electrical system of your car. The loose wires may cause non-essential wear and tear on your car’s electrical system. Worse yet, if you have installed the right equipment in your car, a fire could result.

You must fix the loose speaker wires in your car as soon as possible. No worries if you don’t know how to fix the loose speaker wires in the car. There are several ways to fix how to fix loose speaker wire in car. Here we will discuss a few of the best ways.

  • First, you have to determine whether the problem is due to the wrong connection or a broken wire. If the wire is broken, you have to cut it and replace the broken wire with a new wire piece of the same length as the original.
  • After cutting out the original wire perfectly, you will need to attach the new one and connect it to another part of your car’s electrical system.
  • If you find the if the connection is wrong, you should disconnect it from where it was connected and check the internal components for wear or damage. Sometimes, it will be quite simple, like reattaching it in a different location with the appropriate placement on any side of the existing component, like an amplifier control unit or an amplifier.

Steps to Fix Loose Speaker Wire in Car

It is significant to fix the loose car speaker wire on a priority basis. If you have a loose wire, it will be dangerous for everyone sitting in the car. Moreover, due to loose speaker wire, the back speakers of your car will not work, and it will also damage them. Here, we will discuss a few steps you have to take in order to fix the speaker’s loose wire.

  • First, you have to turn off the ignition. In case your car has an automatic transmission, you will need to switch off the engine and pull out the key from the ignition. If your car doesn’t have an automatic transmission, you have to pull out all the keys from your car and place them aside where you feel they are safe.
  • You will need to remove the screws holding the plastic covers around every speaker. In this way, the wires connected to every speaker will be exposed that are going to the connector on the top of every speaker box. These connectors transmit the signals between two or more speakers and amplifiers.
  • Moreover, you have to remove the blue plastic connector cover on the back of the head unit.
  • Remove old electrical tape from the speaker wires.
  • Make a connection between two new wires at the very end of the connector.
  • Now install the cover of your head unit again and plug it in.

Fix Loose Speaker Wires Due to the Loose Speaker Connection

  • With a screwdriver, you must loose the cable clamping mechanism on your radio back. You will find it on the car stereo cabinet top.
  • Remove the small screws by unscrewing them, which secure the speaker wire to every terminal.
  • Pull up the speaker wire while holding it with the other hand.
  • In case there is still resistance when you pull up on the wire, you have to push down it when pulling up rather than in the opposite direction in order to loose it more. After one or two tries, there should be no resistance.
  • Now, you will need to find the loose wire in the speaker.
  • Fix the speaker wire if possible. Just solder the ends if you can. In case you are unable to fix it, you will need to take the speaker to the technician and ask them to fix it.

Fix car speaker wire like a pro

Several types of terminals or connectors can be used to fix the wire. In addition, you also have to make sure that you will not have any problems later. The two best ways can lead you to get professional results and will not cause any issues (later).

  • Solder the wires together.
  • Use a crimp tool and crimp connectors.

When the wire is properly soldered, the connection will be good, like an original uncut wire. It has one drawback it will take more effort and time.

On the other hand, the crimp connectors, also known as butt connectors, can be a compromise between results, effort, and time. With the crimp connectors, you can get a good result quickly.

Generally, professionals use these methods for truck and car audio installation. If you have no experience with the soldering wire, we recommend you use the crimp connectors. Moreover, the crimp connectors also have a disadvantage, this method can hit your budget for the connectors, and you will also need a crimp tool.

Bottom Line

In this guide, the user is provided with the help that if the rear speaker wire of the car needs to be repaired, it can be repaired at home without spending any money.

Once you discover the fault plaguing your car’s speakers wires, you should be capable enough to fix it yourself and save much of your money. You will probably have all the necessary tools near your house to fix the loose speaker wire in your car.

There are several ways to fix the loose wire of your car speaker. With these methods, you can fix them yourself without asking any technician. Moreover, we also recommended the best way to save your valuable time and effort. You can choose the one you consider suitable for you and fix the loose wire of your car speaker.

We hope this guide will be helpful for you to identify the reason for the problem of why the wire of your car speaker is loose, and you will be able to run everything smoothly as soon as possible. And you will not have to change your car speakers unnecessarily.

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