Why My Car Speakers Are Distorting At High Volume

Why Does My Car Stereo Make a Buzzing Sound

Good music gives peace to your soul and mind and with a high-quality car sound system, your car trips could be transformed into mini-concerts. However, you may have experienced extreme sound distortion plus low-quality music playing when you turned the volume up on the car stereo.  You must be thinking, why my car speakers are …

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Do You Need an Amp for Door Speakers?

Do You Need an Amp for Door Speakers

As an Amazon Associate, Car Audio Spot will receive a small commission from qualifying purchases made through the links in this article. A lot of people around the world want the best music quality in their cars. The reason is that most people want to enjoy the music when they go to work. Here, we …

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Bad Ground on Amp Symptoms – And How to Fix

Bad Ground on Amp Symptoms

The bad ground systems on the amp might be annoying. You turn on the radio when you start the car, and everything is fine. However, then you change the station or (adjust) volume, and suddenly there is no sound coming from the speakers. In this way, there can be a lot of problems, which may …

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How To Get Amp Out of Protection Mode?

How To Get Amp Out of Protection Mode

One of the most important components of a car audio system is a car amplifier. Before sending it to the speaker, it receives the audio signal and amplifies it. The audio signal may be inadequate to move the speaker without an amp physically, and you will not hear any sound. Some people believe that an …

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