Best 8 Inch Subwoofer Car Audio – Our Top 8 Picks

A good subwoofer in a car can provide additional entertainment through its sound. Nowadays, every car comes equipped with a subwoofer. However, each vehicle is equipped with a different-sized subwoofer. In this post, I’ll discuss the best 8 inch Subwoofer car audio, which provides:

  • A louder sound.
  • A shallow mount.
  • A home theater experience.
  • A variety of other characteristics.

Subwoofer are products that provide a low-pitched audio signal with a clear voice. These speakers are encased in a cabinet and are encircled by a woofer. The majority of subwoofers are never used in isolation and are always accompanied by a variety of loudspeakers.

A subwoofer is technically referred to as a speaker driver, and it also includes an integrated amplifier. In the 1960s, home radio systems introduced the first Subwoofer and bass response system. Each year from the 1960s to the 1980s, an increasing number of subwoofers were manufactured with strong bass and an extremely low-pitched sound. Each Subwoofer is designed to operate at frequencies up to 50Hz and has a power output of 3000 watts. The majority of subwoofers are used in automobiles to hear the radio.

Subwoofer are now designed in a cone-shaped shell with a lightweight wireless display and fit in any car. Although the Subwoofer’s shape is rectangular or square, etc. Most manufacturers almost certainly developed their products in response to customer needs and desires. Nowadays, subwoofers feature a strong frequency response, a wide bottom range, and excellent sound clarity.

This article contains a comprehensive guide on selecting the best 8-inch Subwoofer for automotive audio. Ensure that you thoroughly inspect each piece of merchandise. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the best 8-inch Subwoofer for your vehicle’s audio system.

Eight Best 8 Inch Subwoofer Car Audio

The following is a comparison of the top 8-inch subwoofers for car audio. This overview will assist you in determining which 8-inch Subwoofer car audio models are the best that meet your needs.

1. Pioneer TS-SWX2002

This is the Pioneer TS-SWX2002, which features an 8-inch Shallow-Mount and weighs approximately 11.4 pounds. The speaker’s maximum output is 600 watts. It is strengthened with mica-molded reinforcements and features a cone-shaped construction with a scratch-resistant enclosed surface.

The enclosure is 5.5′′ x 11.75′′ x 9.25′′ and does not alter the woofer’s regular dimensions. It is equipped with angled push terminals. Its frequency response is up to 250 Hz. Moreover, it has a sensitivity of approximately 18 decibels and an impedance of 4 ohms. This woofer is easy to install and connect.

The surface generates the sound because it is deeper and moves more air. It adds greater motion and rigidity while maintaining a realistic bass response. It is vertically and horizontally mounted. These mounts feature a demanding and high gauge performance. This product is made with 16 gauge wire. It is well-designed with the client in mind and produces high-quality sound with various voices. Every note of the voice is audible. It is capable of hearing up to three rooms in a house.


  1. The enclosure that is non-slip and scratch-resistant
  2. Sensitivity to light
  3. The cone that is enlarged produces a large volume
  4. The design is highly compact, making it ideal for installation in small locations.
  5. And the power output of 150W RMS is perfect for factory audio systems.


  1. Power capability is less than that of a few other subs.
  2. It is possible that a separate mounting is required to get the maximum output.
  3. At 86 dB, the sensitivity is somewhat limited.

2. Rockville RW8CA

A Low Profile under-seat active car subwoofer is the model for this Subwoofer. It weighs approximately 12.6 pounds. The speaker is black, with a maximum output of 600 watts and an 8-inch diameter.

The device is primarily utilized in vehicles; it generates a lot of noise and takes up a lot of space, and its installation is simple and cool. With the auto turn-on technology, it has the appearance of a slim and absorbs low-level RCA input. It features a sensitivity adjustment and a soft dedicated, delayed remote turn-on.

It is equipped with a temperature protection circuit, a short circuit protection circuit, an overload protection circuit, and a phase switch ranging from 0 to 180 degrees. Additionally, it features a low pass filter between 50Hz and 150 Hz that regulates the speech volume from 0 to 18 decibels. It incorporates a 25Hz subsonic filter.

It produces 150 watts of power through an RMS mono block with a resistance of 2 ohms at 1%, has a signal-to-noise ratio of 95 decibels, and a frequency response of around 20Hz-150Hz. This item measures 12.4 x 11 x 2.7 (L x W x H) inches. The product has a strong market response.


  1. For the thundering sound, excellent power handling capability is required.
  2. Numerous settings for customizing the sound
  3. Exceptionally tiny appearance for a subwoofer with an integrated amplifier
  4. Customizable, including a bass enhancement option
  5. Automatic start-up and three-stage protection circuits


  1. Occasionally, the amp overheats during high-power usage.
  2. The pop sound can be heard when the sub is turned on and off.
  3. Separately, the amplifier and enclosure must be ordered.

3. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8

This Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 2-Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer is a model. It weighs 8.8 pounds. It operates on 12-volt batteries and has a depth of 2.5 inches. The Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 also features a dual voice coil and a DVC resistance of 2 ohms. It has an RMS power rating of 150 watts and a maximum power rating of 300 watts, and it features bespoke 10-AWG nickel-plated push connectors.

It has aluminum cones that have been anodized. They have dust caps on the tops of them. It features spider venting that is uncommon for a new hybrid and helps keep the motor cool. Furthermore, this subwoofer is also optimally ventilated and sealed. It features a low-profile depth design that generates strong bass. This product is priced at 12,887.94 rupees. It is unique in that it can boost the height of subwoofers by approximately one inch and the circumference of the Subwoofer by around nine inches.

It is well-suited for mounting behind automobile seats. The majority of people can purchase this Subwoofer because it requires less space to put in the car and offers a plethora of characteristics, including good bass and sound quality and the ability to hear with clarity.


  1. Dual 2-ohm voice coils provide wiring versatility.
  2. Integrated spider venting helps prevent overheating.
  3. It appears to be solid and durable.
  4. Shallow-mount design works well in locations with limited depth.


  1. There are louder subs.
  2. Requires an enclosure to generate the highest quality sound
  3. Not exactly a cost-effective choice

4. Alpine Electronics 8 inch Subwoofer

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Restyle Compact Powered 8-Inch Subwoofer is the model number for the Subwoofer. It weighs approximately ten pounds and is completely black. In addition, it does not have a wireless remote control due to its small chassis size. The object measures 13.4 x 9.1 x 2.8 inches. It consists of an 8-inch subwoofer and a 120W amplifier enclosed in a cast enclosure.

Although it has an excellent sound quality with a range of louder tones, and also can be clear. To obtain a professional installation, we can visit the United States’ website. It fits comfortably in the automobile because of its low inch and ease of installation.

The device provides a clear voice, and it has excellent bass clarity. The product’s design is well-stamped and sealed with high-quality materials. It is capable of producing little notes clearly in music. It had a very positive market response.


  1. Rugged, long-lasting aluminum structure
  2. Compact design with an integrated amplifier
  3. Controls on the side panel allow for sound adjusting.
  4. The sound is rich and clean, with an abundance of basses.


  1. Bass is not as powerful as other subs with lower frequency restrictions.
  2. Installation may necessitate the assistance of a professional.
  3. The wire harness is relatively compact.

5. Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D2

The Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D2 speaker system has a maximum output of 800 watts. It is an eight-inch subwoofer. It comes with a peak power rating of 800 watts and an RMS power rating of 400. The Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D2 is made of high-grade pressed paper and is surrounded by a high-roll foam.

It features a two-degree high-temperature copper voice coil that produces 82.3 decibels. It features a dual two-ohm coil design with a frequency response of 55Hz to 500Hz. Its Fs frequency is 44.8Hz.

It has recommended enclosures with a sealed volume of approximately 0.75 feet, a ported volume of about 1.00 feet, a port area of 13 square inches, and a port length of 19 degrees. This subwoofer also has a tuning frequency of 39Hz, an outer diameter of 8.5 inches, a mounting depth of 5.9 inches, a cutout diameter of 6.14 inches, and along with all these dimensions, a subwoofer displacement of 0.09 feet. It has 17.9 pounds weight and has a wireless display.

It is pretty simple and tidy to install in the car. And, it measures 9.79.18 inches in length. The Subwoofer’s sound and bass are accurate and capable of playing a low note. It is the most probable and most readily available Subwoofer on the market.


  1. The 400-watt RMS power output and 800-watt peak power output
  2. The risk of overheating or blowing the dual 2-ohm coils is relatively low.
  3. Exceptionally powerful with an absurd quantity of bass
  4. When enclosed in a ported enclosure, it is capable of producing a booming sound.


  1. Sensitivity is lower than that of the other listed subs.
  2. Choosing the appropriate enclosure might be difficult.
  3. Separately, the amplifier and enclosure must be ordered.

6. CT Sounds Subwoofer

The Subwoofer is a CT Meso model. It weighs 25 pounds, has a depth of 6.6 inches, and lacks a wireless remote control. It features a dual 4-ohm voice coil subwoofer with a maximum and RMS power rating of 1600 watts and 800 watts.

The CT sounds Subwoofer features a 2.5-diameter voice coil and a ferrite magnet with a strong Y35. Its foam surrounds the Subwoofer easily and flexes well, and its high cone paper quality extends the Subwoofer’s life. It is surrounded by dual stitched foam and supports an aluminum basket with a lightweight, sturdy body. It has three mounting parameters, which are as follows:

  1. Diameter of cutout – 188 millimeter/7.3
  2. Diameter overall -221 millimeter/8.7
  3. Depth of mounting – 168 millimeter/6.6
  4. Frequency Standard: 41.458 Hz
  5. QTS = 0.439
  6. QES = 0.477
  7. Quality Management System: 5.601
  8. VAS: 7.431 liters
  9. Sound pressure level: 82.80 dB (@1w/1m)
  10. Xmax: 30mm (Peak to peak)
  11. Displacement: 0.08 ft.
  12.  Weight of the magnet: 160 oz.
  13. Connector for the speaker: 12 AWG
  14. Frequency of resonance: 30.5 Hz

It generates a powerful bass with high resonance and a clean distorted tone. With an innovative air conditioning system, it delivers a one-of-a-kind sound quality. It is often connected to 12 gauge and finished with a gorgeous rubber fiber.


  1. Sustainably constructed to withstand high-powered audio frequencies
  2. Excellent bass that is unbelievably loud and solid.
  3. Extremely powerful, rated at 800 watts RMS and 1600 watts peak.
  4. A sturdy basket structure adds to the sub’s durability.
  5. Can correctly handle frequencies as low as 30Hz


  1. When played continuously at a high-power input, it is susceptible to thermal breakdown.
  2. Separately, the enclosure must be purchased.

7. Planet Audio AC8D

Planet Audio AC8D is what you’re looking at right now. It weighs 4.4 pounds and features a 3.82-inch display. It is black and features a wireless display. Moreover, it is a dual coil subwoofer with a diameter of 8 inches and a power rating of 1200 watts. It is capable of handling a maximum power output of 1200 watts. This subwoofer also has an 85dB sensitivity and a 39Hz resonant frequency.

It is equipped with a two-inch high-temperature voice coil. It has a 4-ohm impedance and a polypropylene cone construction. There are four degrees of mounting depth, and the cutout diameter is 7.5 millimeters on this foam surround. It’s a hand-stamped basket with an audible output. It has a robust body and a long lifespan.

It is available in 12- and 10-inch sizes and in 1000-, 3000-, and 1500-watt configurations. Typically, anyone can purchase a subwoofer with a large wattage, but it cannot be used in a vehicle. It is not quite difficult to install and also easy to fit in the car. It is capable of hearing music clearly and clearly up to a great distance. With a price tag of $128, this Subwoofer is in high demand and cannot be purchased in India.


  1. Trim ring that can be customized
  2. It is compatible with all types of audio systems.
  3. Highly durable substitute materials


  1. Installation may necessitate the services of a professional.
  2. The enclosure chosen has an effect on the sound quality.


Kicker 11HS8 is a powered hideaway car audio subwoofer. It weighs 13.5 pounds and comes equipped with a wireless display. It has an RMS power rating of 150 watts and 14.4 volts. It’s an 8-inch subwoofer with incredible power for a subwoofer. It measures 13 7/8 x 9 3/8 x 3 1/8 inches and costs $238.

It is simple to install but dangerous to mount in the car due to the creases. We like the Subwoofer. Individuals may come up with a notion that we can remove the creases and arrange them in a rectangle if we like that it is more spacious than the previous. It fits easily beneath the seat but not behind the seat.

Each automobile has a subwoofer mounted on the back of the seat, but this product is unique in comparison to the others it often supports in a large vehicle. This product has a favorable rating and response, although it does have a few minor flaws.


  1. Compact and well-suited to compact spaces
  2. The integrated amplifier amplifies the sound output intensity.
  3. Allows for fine-tuning of your sound


  1. Bass is not as robust as that produced by active subs


Each Subwoofer is unique in terms of performance and quality. Certain manufacturers can design subwoofers that cannot be viewed from the inside but can be inspected for flaws and defects more readily. The hefty enclosure design has bass issues and does not provide a clear sound.

Nowadays, almost every automobile audio system has a subwoofer. Each manufacturer believes that whoever purchases the automobile should install the subwoofers separately; however, manufacturers can now incorporate the Subwoofer into the car during the manufacturing process. According to this, no one can afford to spend money, yet it is included in the car’s price.

The majority of organizations and manufacturers utilize high-quality, high-frequency subwoofers capable of producing an excellent voice and bass sound. As a result, all of the devices featured above are among the best 8-inch Subwoofer vehicle audio.

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